WV Wedding Photography Bridal Shoot Out


I had the privilege of attending a wedding shoot out with the Little WV Workshop put on by Ashton Kelley! It was a total blast! The weather could not have been better. As usual, Ashton has outdid  herself again. She did an amazing job with the styling, it was an explosion of pink and sequins! You could see a lot time was put into it, down to the littlest details. I loved that the workshop focused on real WV brides! I loved learning techniques to up my game in capturing this beauty!  I want to make women of all shapes and sizes feel spectacular on their special day and help them see the beauty within them!  Speaking of models these ladies were gorgeous and super sweet too! The lovely ladies in the pics are Megan Bowers, Tabithia Morris, Brandi Westfall, and Rachel Smeltzer. Rachel Smeltzer also did the makeup for the shoot.

DSC_0076 DSC_0190 DSC_0321 DSC_0314

The beautiful flower arrangements were done Young Floral.



Every detail was flawless down to the invitations designed by ealexdesigns.


The shoot was a blast! It was great to get hands on experience with posing and learning new tips to take my photography to the next level!  It was great connecting with other woman that are passionate about photography .  It’s great to have such a great community of supportive  woman as I work on building  a career in photography.  I am very excited and look forward to working with these lovely ladies in the future! I am so glad that workshops like this exist in our area! I can’t wait to shoot more WV Wedding photography!


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Easter Family Pics

easter 4I had a blast today shooting my BFFAB, Jacki’s ( Best Friend Forever an Beyond)  Easter family pics. It was a great day for a tea party in the park! We headed to Little Creek Park in Charleston to play and shoot.  I talked to Jacki before the shoot and she said she had to go because J was pressing poop on the top of the TV. I assumed this was an April Fools joke, it was not. Haaaa. Luckily, she cleans up well and Jacki is a beast mode momma! The two little lovelies are baby Jaylea and the beautiful Jaysa! The fellow below, rocking the sweet hat is Billy.



I brought a sweet hat thinking it would look adorable on Jaylea, but she had other plans. She insisted that  her dad wear it! I think it suits him well, could be a new trend!

DSC_0674     DSC_0742DSC_0705

You can see the love!


Lydia’s Senior Pic Shoot



Today I got to shoot my beautiful and talented cousin Lydia Nutter. She is the rare type of beauty that does not realize how beautiful she is, making her beauty shine even more. She has a strong inner beauty and is heavily involved with her church! Lydia is also a very talented musician.  She is not the biggest fan of having her picture taken so she was an awesome sport for putting up with me and my picture taking shenanigans. My uncle Tony is the go to for unique locations to shoot, so he had an awesome spot lined up. He found a old train tunnel off the beaten path that made a great scene for the shoot! It was a beautiful sunny day, so we  got our picnic on! Pigs n a blanket, yeah!  Also I feel I need to point out how awesome Lydia’s hair looked , we were under a wind advisory so its pretty impressive. After the shoot we grabbed a couple more photos, Jenny, her beloved pup was feeling left out so she joined in for a photo op.


Lydia 2