Little WV Workshop Editing

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Hi, I am Tabitha and I am a Little WV Workshop addict! After attending my first workshop in March and learning so much from a such a passionate and uplifting group of women I was dying to attend another! If I could I would go to every single one!  These workshops are like the Disney equivalent for new photographers!  It is just incredible to set down with my favorite photographers and have them share their knowledge! These photographers are the best, and they are willing to do a workshop to help newcomers like me. WHAT! It was so cool to see everyone’s different styles and how they each approach editing. It is really exciting to be learning so much and discovering my own style along the way! The workshop set up was beautiful, as usual! Beautiful hand crafted paper flowers, chocolate cameras, polka dots and sparkles flooded the room!

There were also other delicious treats, I took advantage of them all! Baked by Cari took it to the next level with Strawberry Short Cake Push Pops! Sooo cute! The chocolate cameras were almost too cute to eat, but they were chocolate so who can resist that?  As if the editing part of the workshop was not incredible enough on its own, to top that there were amazing stylized mini sessions! Amy Miller from White Heart Photography, Andrea Martin and Ashton Kelly created gorgeous mini sessions that any photographer would drool over! I am still running on a high from this workshop! I feel inspired and uplifted and could not be more excited about this adventure into photography! I have a million ideas for fun shoots and I am ready to “Make It Happen” ! I am so thankful that a group like this exists and I am blown away by the women that are so willing to share their  time and teach their craft! I am thankful to be a part of such an uplifting and empowering group of shutter sisters!

Orem Family Photos

Orem  Family Photos

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful family!


I love photography because you get to capture life’s special moments! Matt and Jada just welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world in December! The cutest babies are born in December! Maybe I am biased since our little ones are a few days apart (future bfs).




Baby Haven has a full head of hair and striking baby blues!


Look at those eyes!

Lots of exciting things are happening for this family! They just moved into a beautiful new home!



It was so great to photograph them because they just radiate love! You can see the love in every picture and how much Haven has changed their world!

orem familyDSC_0084-2

Haven was so good for the pictures. She was dealing with the aftermath of her first fruit, but you would not know it from the pictures, she worked it! She was cracking me up with her squeals! I could not even take a photo when she squealed from laughing too hard!



Spring Camping Adventure With Willow and The Pups


Willow spent all day in the forest gathering delicious Morel mushrooms.


Willow was sad because she knew there was no way she could eat them all by herself, and did not want them to go to waste.


Sherman, her sidekick Schnauzer was concerned that she looked awfully sad for someone who found so many Morels. He knew he had to do something to help sweet Willow. So Sherman decided to call for his buddy Murray, the bulldog to help eat them.


Murray saw the Morels right away and was eager to help!



She told him it was important that he eat them all, but there were still too many, even for fatty Murray.


He did not want the Morels to go to waste or to see Willow sad  so he came up with a wonderful plan! He decided they should have a camp out with all their friends and have a Morel feast!


Willow was over joyed with this idea! They set up camp and invited all their friends!


Murray decided he would check out the camp first  and set up watch to make sure everything was safe for Willow.


Brutus was the first to arrive to the gathering followed by Drogo.





Murray and Willow were quickly slacking on guard duty.

They all gathered around the tent and feasted!



DSC_0010  DSC_0028


Willow was so happy that she could share her Morels with all her friends! After feasting and laughing she was quickly tuckered out for the evening.


Hurricane Main Street Spring Festival Photo Booth

Hurricane Spring FestivalDSC_0012DSC_0033DSC_0081

I am super excited to be launching my photography business! I figured what could be more fun than making a photo booth to launch the business!  I set up at the Hurricane Main Street Spring Festival. Shout out to the fine folks at Active Fitness who saw me struggling with my so called Easy Up Tent ( not easy) who helped me out!  I made a colorful backdrop and set out some fun props!


The festival was packed with tons of free activities for kids! I was located  by a nonprofit group that raised funds for the arts in Charleston! They happened to be selling tons of delicious baked goods so I had to indulge ( for a good cause, how could you not).  I had a blast shooting everyone that stopped by! I am pretty sure I met some future models, people were working it! Everyone was creative with their prop choices and people really got into it. It was so much fun! I was laughing and smiling all day! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to check out Tabitha Stover Photography! I even got to hang with some Super Heroes!