Mother Nature Maternity Shoot

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I am so excited about this shoot! I have really wanted to do a mother nature inspired maternity shoot. To take this to the next level I had the idea to attempt to make a bed out of moss and put it in the forest!  I had no clue that building a bed out of moss would be a little harder than I anticipated. Turns out it takes several garbage bags of moss to make a bed, incase you are thinking about putting one together. But my moss gathering skills paid off because it looked really cool! Then I just needed to convince a pregnant lady to come hang out on it!  Luckily, my bffab Sarah Freed convinced Kayley Dotson to get on board! They made a daytrip down from Bridgeport with two of her beautiful daughters! Ridiculously cute, and hilarious! This family is gorgeous! Believe it or not  Kayley will be welcoming her sixth baby into the world! Crazy! I would love to look like that with six little ones!  She is hardcore! Nothing phased them, it poured the rain and was hot and humid, and Kayley was totally down to make it work, even pregnant.   I also have to take a second to mention their awesome vintage dresses! LOVE! We had a blast from taking pics, playing in the creek, and attempting to hold baby goats against their will!

West Side Wiener Dog Races Photo booth

I set up a photobooth for the first time at the West Side Wiener Dog Races  in Charleston and it was a blast! The weather held out and  the event was awesome! There was something for everyone from treats, to art, even a dog fortune teller!


Check out the Great Barkini!

They had musical Easels


This years theme was frozen, and people went all out with great costumes!





Some dogs arrived in style


Thanks everyone who stopped by to check out the booth and the organizers of this fun event!




DSC_0085DSC_0112 West Side Wiener Dog Races DSC_0166


DSC_0145  DSC_0181

All American Mini Session Photography WV


I love ” All American Mini Sessions” and I just shot this session with this gorgeous couple! Meet Mikaela Toler and  and Darren Neal! This adorable couple met romantically at the old Kmart in Oak Hill.  Darren just finished his training for the Army so it was an honor to do a session like this!   Both are currently students studying nursing. They are super sweet! If nursing does not work out they have a future with modeling, they just naturally strike a pose and are meant to be in front of the camera! The weather had been nasty all day, Mikaela asked me if I had a back up spot to shoot and I told them a cave. They were so upbeat, they were even down to make a cave work! Darren joked about having to dodge bats! Ha!  We ended up getting a break from the storm and it was a joy shooting them! It ended up being a beautiful evening in the New River Gorge!

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