Nature Photo Session With Ally Nutter Senior Photography

I was so excited when I reached out to find a model for a fun nature shoot and Alesha volunteered her beautiful daughter Ally! I had a blast doing this shoot!  They took me to an awesome secret spot that does not look like a place you would find in Charleston.  Ally just graduated from South Charleston and is going to school at Fairmont in the fall! I really want to get into senior photography and this was a great way to learn! Not only is Ally Gorgeous, but she was so laid back and down to try anything! I had to sneak in one mother and daughter photo because they are such a pretty family!  We also had a pretty awesome photo bomb! haaaaaa

ALLY 2 ally 6-3 ALLY3.5-2DSC_0567 DSC_0437 DSC_0582-2 DSC_0407-2

Reidun’s Enchanted Forest Photoshoot

I feel beyond lucky that I get to do fun shoots like this!  I was so pumped to shoot Cate and Jake’s adorable baby! I have really  lucked out with getting to shoot the cutest babies and Reidun is no exception!  I love that Cate brought these beautiful wings for the shoot! I could not picture anything more perfect for this baby! You can tell that Reidun is a little angel baby who has overcome so much already in her life! She is truly a gift! She is such a sweet baby I would take her home Ha! I also have to take a second to talk about these vintage outfits, the most beautiful vintage dresses I have ever seen! Look at that beautiful red hair!!! I felt like a was shooting a real life doll HAAAA! Reidun’s Enchanted Forest Photoshoot was a blast and I hope to do more like this in the future!


angel baby-2


DSC_0006 DSC_0021DSC_0069DSC_0147DSC_0156

Maxon’s First Year Photos and Cake Smash

I was relieved to get a break from the rain and to get to spend some time with the Beckett family! I had a blast doing Maxon’s First Year Photos and Cake Smash! Max is every photographer’s dream, ADORABLE baby who loves chocolate cake! I knew this shoot was going to be all smiles from the start. Max’s sister Maddie walked up to me and said “You can’t see my underwear in these shorts. BAaaahaaaa. I told her that was always a plus! Me and Max are on the same level when it comes to chocolate cake. Max doesn’t play games. He went hard and dominated that cake! Sadly, I look very similar when I finish a cake, but not so adorable! He was such a joy to shoot! The whole family was involved and that made it even more fun! Annie had the cutest outfits and props for Max! I loved that the chair had been passed down for generations and the bibs with the tool belt were hand made! Chris created a sweet chalkboard scene with Max’s name on it, too bad Max was more interested in a mud puddle close by. I learned quickly that Max is a champion turbo speed crawler! I had no idea babies could scoot so fast! Maddie was such a good big sis helping out, she kept blowing Max bubbles the whole time.   I love a good cake smash! Thanks for allowing me to capture these sweet memories!


Max's first year photos

  DSC_0028  DSC_0368 DSC_0258 DSC_0194


Enchanted Forest Fairy Photo Session


I love nature and I love capturing magical moments with the love of my life, my sweet baby WIllow!  I have been wanting to do an enchanted forest  fairy photo session since she was born! She has cute little pointed fairy ears, so she was made for this! I had a blast following her around on her adventures playing/ eating the flowers! I love doing enchanted forest and fairy themed photo sessions and look forward to doing many more!



DSC_0400-2 DSC_0460-2 DSC_0493

DIY Glamping Party

photo     DSC_0327-2 DSC_0316-2 DSC_0322

Had an awesome time celebrating my bests birthday in style over the fourth of July weekend  with a DIY Glamping Party! Glamping is a fun theme for all ages, plus I’ll take any excuse to eat  smores!



I am a foodie, so the  key to this party was good eats! We had hotdogs and mac and cheese casserole! But, you can go as fancy as you want with Glamping! A smores bar is also a must for the occasion! To glamp it up a notch and take our smores to the next level we mixed it up with a wide variety of chocolates from Reeces, cookies and cream, and chocolate mint, the possibilities are endless! We also had mushroom cupcakes! These cupcakes were adorable and easy  with a slice of apple on top od a marshmallow!


We had lots of fun glamping activities! A painting station where we painted rocks and log pieces! We also had a dream catcher station! We took three twigs and used twine to form a triangle and weaved the string around in the middle, then attached feathers dipped in glitter to glam it up! We had a nature scavenger hunt. Then we took off on a grand adventure to explore waterfalls and hike!


Everyone also received a glamping kit:

  • Fold out lantern
  • flashlight
  • sparklers
  • fan
  • nail polish







What Is Glamping?

Glamping Tabitha Stover Photography   

I have been a fan of camping and backpacking for a long time, but I was just recently introduced to the term Glamping! My bffab ( best friend forever and beyond) just bought a tent and I was so pumped to go camping together! Then she informed me that she would not be going camping, but she would be Glamping instead.   What? I actually had to Google it. What is Glamping, you ask? Its glamorous camping! Yap, you heard me right. Haaaaa!  Because camping is oh so glamorous, sleeping on the ground, bugs and all.  I was a bit skeptical at first, not the most practical   past time. But, the more I researched, and by research I mean the more I looked on pinterest, the more I was intrigued. Glamping combines your traditional camping set up with  a luxurious twist and some of the convinces of home. I decided to give Glamping a go and surprise my husband with a little Glamping under the stars set up!

Along with camping I also love junking and repurposing old items, so Glamping gives me another use for some of my favorite finds! I like to decorate with rustic elements and add a little feminine flare to the items to create a romantic cozy space! You can go as simple or as fancy as you like with Glamping. I took four twigs and crisscrossed them to create a tepee and reinforced the structure with some zip ties and twine. I covered the structure by making a patchwork quilt out  of old blankets, sheets, and a lace table cloth. You can even Glamp up an old yard sale tent! A few elements are key to Glamping it up a notch !  One of the universal elements of Glamping is having a comfy spot to sleep. It’s amazing how a sheet and a comforter can transform an air mattress! This beats being confined in a sleeping bag any day! Throw on a couple pillows and you have a luxurious nest!


Side tables can also up your glamping game.  I used an old crate I found at a flea market for 3 bucks and an old chest I found at goodwill.


My favorite Glamping accessory was the chandelier! I took an old lantern and  I added some strands of glass beads to Glamp it up!You can add battery operated led lights from Hobby Lobby to make it functional.


I also added a rug to make the spot even more cozy and comfortable! I would love to see pictures on how you put your own flare on glamping, so post away! I think this would be an awesome set up for an engagement photo session so I can’t wait to use it! The whole family enjoyed!