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Hello, I am Tabitha! I am a mountain momma, a wife, a dreamer, farmer, and an adventurer! My love for photography was born from growing up in our beautiful state. I have grown up playing in hill top rivers, exploring caves, and hiking all over the place. I fall more in love with the beauty that surrounds me every day! Every day is a new adventure, a new sunrise with new light to chase into the golden hour! I am inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me and all our beautiful state has to offer! I love the wildness of her rivers and the warm embrace of her mountains and I feel most at home in the woods!  I truly love life and all the beauty that everyday encompasses.  I love to capture moments that move you, your  love and  your joy!  I want to use photography to document  life’s sweetest moments that we take for granted before they pass by to tell your story.  I want to capture the beauty in life’s sweetest little moments.  I see beauty when a little one sees a new bug that blows there mind and opens limitless exploration! I see beauty when rough, aged hands come together and grasp tightly where every wrinkle tells a story and nothing is more beautiful in that moment. I see beauty when light flickers down through the forest and it becomes a place of magic. I see beauty when you get off your dirtbike and the only thing left untouched by the thick dust that has coated everything is your smile. I want to capture the sparkle in his eyes at that first look when he sees his wife coming down the isle. I want to capture those stolen moments when a father whispers in his daughters ear giving her away with tears in his eyes. To do this I like to keep it real and natural and capture the sweetness of everyday moments honestly.

My greatest adventure so far has been becoming a mother to the sweetest baby in the world! It has been a whole new adventure! I want to teach her to go after her dreams and pursue her passion by showing her how I go for mine! I shoot what I love, and I love what I do! I love capturing love and happiness through photography! When I am not taking pictures I am   usually chasing my little one, or a loose goat around our little homestead outside of the New River Gorge!

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