Reunited Retreat Little WV Workshop Charleston WV

One of my goals going into the New Year is to continue to learn and grow with photography! I want to educated myself on the business side of things and really focus on ways to enhance the overall experiences that my clients have!  To do this I jumped at the incredible opportunity to attend The Reunited Retreat  with the Little WV Workshop hosted by Ashton Kelley Photography.

I had been looking forward to this retreat for so long, but I was starting to think it was not going to happen with storm Jonas scheduled to arrive at the same time. I truly feel blessed by Ashton and the mentors who worked so hard to make this event happen and to have such a supportive family that insured that I could attend.

We live on a homestead so making arrangements to go out of town was proving to be a little more difficult with the storm approaching. We had just lost power and with the cold temps this caused our pipes to freeze. I went out and braved all the milk and bread sandwich eating crazies in search of water and luckily got my hands on some of the last jugs at the Piggly Wiggly. We stalk piled up supplies and continually melted snow on the woodstove to be prepared for the animals. It’s also kidding season and I had estimated that all of the kids would arrive at least two weeks before the retreat. I was wrong. Luckily my sweet mom came to the rescue and volunteered to watch the farm and animals while we were gone. She seriously showed up with a full sterile suit and was ready to become a goat midwife. I am pretty sure she was terrified at the possibility of delivering goat babies, but she played it off like she delivered goat babies all the time and assured me that all would be well and that I had to go to the retreat. She’s the best!

We hit the road early and got infront of the storm. As we arrived at the hotel I was immediately greeted by Ashton with open arms, then I explained to her how I hadn’t showered in a while so she might want to reconsider the hug haaa. Bless her heart for running around like a crazy mamma bear making sure everyone arrived safely.

The retreat kicked off in the evening with a fun Pj party and introductions!  The conference room sparkled as we walked in. The room was lined with delicious sweets and beautiful treats! Not to mention beautiful flowers! I love me some Peonies and stuffing my face on sweets! There were even adorable tepees full of pillow nests to set the scene for the partBlack and Gold Treat Tabley.






Heart cookies2016-02-01_0005.jpgLittle WV WorkshopIt just got better heading into the weekend. Two days with speakers and presentations from ladies who are leading the industry. We got to hear from Andrea Martin, Britni Edwards, Amy Miller, Kelly Broyles, Autumn Branscome, Callie Lindsey, Angie Tracey, Sarah Dunlap, Alicia Wiley, and Ashton Kelley! What an incredible opportunity to attend! I learned so much that I can’t wait to incorporate into my business and life, it was truly inspirational! Thank you so much to all the mentors who took the time to volunteer to help us grow and learn! What is so special about this group is that these ladies are constantly there to lift others up and to answer questions and give support even outside of these events! I am still blown away by this!

The inspiration continued with a Surprise  Snowy Bridal shoot! I had so much fun playing in the snow with my Shutter Sister homies  and getting to shoot these beautiful ladies and beautiful dresses.  This gorgeous shoot was styled by Laura Jill Reynolds with Simply Gorgeous Events and the makeup was done by Natalie Contrera. The beautiful models were Hannah Hicks, Megan O’Dell, and Natalie Contrera.Snowy Bridal Shoot

Snowy Bride with flowers

Winter Bridal Session

Winter Floral Crowns

Did I mention that we were showered in swag! We each received all of these lovely items and a custom camera print unique to the camera we shoot! We even received shutter sister pins! Ashton gave away 4 House of Flynn Bags! Crazy! Shout out to Maureen Flynn for being awesome and donating the bags!

Little WV Workshop

I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to be able to attend an event like this and be a part of this group. I cannot say enough to praise this group and Ashton and all she does for us! This workshop is unlike any other because it is a community! Ashton truly cares about helping people in the industry and it doesn’t end after these events and that is amazing!  I am so thankful for all of her hardwork and everything that she does for us!  I don’t think there is another workshop with a leader with a bigger heart! She really encourages us to chase our dreams and ” Make it Happen”!   It was an awesome weekend spent with awesome company! It is so uplifting to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of creative ladies!  I am lucky to be able to call so many in this industry friends and to have such a wonderful community of support! I feel inspired and ready to take on 2016!  I am excited for what I have in the works, but it also feels great to be excited about what awesomeness each one of the ladies in this community is going to achieve in 2016!  Photo of Photographers
Little WV Workshop

Little WV Workshop Editing

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Hi, I am Tabitha and I am a Little WV Workshop addict! After attending my first workshop in March and learning so much from a such a passionate and uplifting group of women I was dying to attend another! If I could I would go to every single one!  These workshops are like the Disney equivalent for new photographers!  It is just incredible to set down with my favorite photographers and have them share their knowledge! These photographers are the best, and they are willing to do a workshop to help newcomers like me. WHAT! It was so cool to see everyone’s different styles and how they each approach editing. It is really exciting to be learning so much and discovering my own style along the way! The workshop set up was beautiful, as usual! Beautiful hand crafted paper flowers, chocolate cameras, polka dots and sparkles flooded the room!

There were also other delicious treats, I took advantage of them all! Baked by Cari took it to the next level with Strawberry Short Cake Push Pops! Sooo cute! The chocolate cameras were almost too cute to eat, but they were chocolate so who can resist that?  As if the editing part of the workshop was not incredible enough on its own, to top that there were amazing stylized mini sessions! Amy Miller from White Heart Photography, Andrea Martin and Ashton Kelly created gorgeous mini sessions that any photographer would drool over! I am still running on a high from this workshop! I feel inspired and uplifted and could not be more excited about this adventure into photography! I have a million ideas for fun shoots and I am ready to “Make It Happen” ! I am so thankful that a group like this exists and I am blown away by the women that are so willing to share their  time and teach their craft! I am thankful to be a part of such an uplifting and empowering group of shutter sisters!