Valentine’s Cupcake Mini Sessions Sugar Pie Bakery/ Charleston WV

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Valentine’s Cupcake photos at Sugar Pie Bakery! Thank you to the awesome ladies of Sugar Pie Bakery for having me again! I love Sugar Pie Bakery because they have the most delicious cupcakes ever, but  I also love that they do so much for the community and how they support other entrepreneurs! There is nothing sweeter than delicious cupcakes and adorable kids! This is just a peek of the cuteness that went down!  I loved seeing all of the sweet little ones in their adorable Valentines outfits! Of course I also loved eating delicious cupcakes all day! If your looking for a the perfect gift for your sweetie it is not too late to stop by the bakery for a treat!


WV State Capital Wedding/ Mikaela & Jordan/ Tabitha Stover Photography

I loved this couple as soon as we met at their engagement session last fall at Concord University. Mikaela and Jordan were so warm, and so sweet, I loved working with them!  Jordan supportively backs up Mikaela confidently and you can see the spark in Mikaela’s eyes as soon as Jordan is mentioned. They are adorable!  They are the kind of couple that are stronger together and they lift up others as a team.  I look forward to what the future holds for this couple. A Memorial weekend red, white, and blue affair at the West Virginia  State Capital was the perfect setting for their big day!

When Mikaela  first told me she had a bridal party of 20 people I have to admit I was a little nervous because I had never photographed a bridal party so big before. Some people are lucky to count on a couple of great friends, but I was truly blown away at the love surrounding Mikaela and Jordan! Every person that surrounded them on this beautiful day needed to be there, the way that each member of the  bridal party spoke of them speaks to how awesome of a couple they truly are! So much love. There were signs of their sorority and fraternity backgrounds throughout the day, but it was most noticeably seen in the strong bond of sisterhood and brotherhood I witnessed throughout the day! There were a few moments of tears, but mostly joy and  lots of laughter. I had a blast working with such a fun group of people that had me smiling all day! Mikaela never let the early hiccups of the day  phase her, she was  just happy to  be marrying the  man of her  dreams! Everything fell into place for the perfect wedding down to the fairytale ending with an amazing sparkler exit ending  with a kiss between best friends!

Wishing you a happily ever after and excited to see what the future holds for you both! Thank you for letting me capture such a beautiful day!

WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding

Best Photo bomb to date! Such a fun wedding!
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding
WV State Capital Wedding

Sugar Pie Bakery Easter Cupcake Photos

I was so happy to team up with  Sugar Pie Bakery for Easter Cupcake Photos! I love the fine folks at Sugar Pie Bakery, they really are the sweetest people! Thank you for having me back  and thank you for the delicious cupcakes! Thank you so much for everyone who came out and brought your little ones that were dressed in the cutest spring outfits! It doesn’t get sweeter than this, prepare to be overloaded with cuteness!  I love capturing life’s sweetest moments and  what a better match than a bakery! It doesn’t get better than loving what you do and getting to do it while munching on delicious treats like Thin Mint Cupcakes and Brownie Bombs ha! I know we got a few extra smiles  thanks to a little cupcake bribery!


Valentines Day Cupcake Mini Sessions at Sugar Pie Bakery Charleston WV

I was so excited to team up with Sugar Pie Bakery in Charleston WV, to to offer Valentines Day  Cupcake Mini Sessions! I knew I wanted to do cupcake themed mini sessions for Valentine’s Day because it would be super adorable and I love me some cupcakes! It was important to me that I use the most delicious cupcakes around so I was so excited that Sugar Pie Bakery was on board with the idea of doing the cupcake sessions in their shop! This has been the SWEETEST set up for mini sessions that I have done to date! The cupcakes were sooooo DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you so much Sugar Pie Bakery for making us special Valentines cupcakes that were beyond delicious and for having us! I also want to send a big thanks to everyone who came out to get their cupcake on! The cuteness was above and beyond what I could have imagined! These sessions were so much fun!   I am also proud of myself for using a little bit of self control around all of these cupcakes. This would not have happened on Mudslide day! That gooey chocolate is irresistible team Mudslide all the way! This was my first time teaming up with a local business for mini sessions and I am so thankful it was with the awesome folks at Sugar Pie Bakery. They really are a sweet business even beyond their delicious treats. They do so much for the community and for so many charities! It warms my heart to know that they donate cupcakes daily to organizations like Hospice and Trinity’s Table! If your looking for something sweet for valentines day from a business that has a lot of heart you should stop by and check them out!  Or if your like me sometimes you just gotta “Treat Yo Self”! Prepare for an overload of cuteness!

That look when you run out of cupcake!