Belcher Family Photo Session

The perfect morning for a shoot at Wine Cellar Park in Dunbar with the Belcher family! I loved meeting up with an old friend and getting pictures of  her beautiful family!  Its hard to believe not too long ago we were dressing up as spice girls and now we have little ones together. I will avoid posting the spice girl photos. You can tell that Kennedy is there whole world!  I loved chasing little Kennedy around the park, she was a blur, she has running in her blood just like her parents! She loved running across the bridges and pointing out the birds! The only time she slowed down was for  a little peek a boo!


DSC_0006-2 DSC_0026

DSC_0037-5 DSC_0043 DSC_0341 DSC_0346-2


DSC_0393 DSC_0425-2

Reidun’s Enchanted Forest Photoshoot

I feel beyond lucky that I get to do fun shoots like this!  I was so pumped to shoot Cate and Jake’s adorable baby! I have really  lucked out with getting to shoot the cutest babies and Reidun is no exception!  I love that Cate brought these beautiful wings for the shoot! I could not picture anything more perfect for this baby! You can tell that Reidun is a little angel baby who has overcome so much already in her life! She is truly a gift! She is such a sweet baby I would take her home Ha! I also have to take a second to talk about these vintage outfits, the most beautiful vintage dresses I have ever seen! Look at that beautiful red hair!!! I felt like a was shooting a real life doll HAAAA! Reidun’s Enchanted Forest Photoshoot was a blast and I hope to do more like this in the future!


angel baby-2


DSC_0006 DSC_0021DSC_0069DSC_0147DSC_0156

DIY Glamping Party

photo     DSC_0327-2 DSC_0316-2 DSC_0322

Had an awesome time celebrating my bests birthday in style over the fourth of July weekend  with a DIY Glamping Party! Glamping is a fun theme for all ages, plus I’ll take any excuse to eat  smores!



I am a foodie, so the  key to this party was good eats! We had hotdogs and mac and cheese casserole! But, you can go as fancy as you want with Glamping! A smores bar is also a must for the occasion! To glamp it up a notch and take our smores to the next level we mixed it up with a wide variety of chocolates from Reeces, cookies and cream, and chocolate mint, the possibilities are endless! We also had mushroom cupcakes! These cupcakes were adorable and easy  with a slice of apple on top od a marshmallow!


We had lots of fun glamping activities! A painting station where we painted rocks and log pieces! We also had a dream catcher station! We took three twigs and used twine to form a triangle and weaved the string around in the middle, then attached feathers dipped in glitter to glam it up! We had a nature scavenger hunt. Then we took off on a grand adventure to explore waterfalls and hike!


Everyone also received a glamping kit:

  • Fold out lantern
  • flashlight
  • sparklers
  • fan
  • nail polish







Easter Family Pics

easter 4I had a blast today shooting my BFFAB, Jacki’s ( Best Friend Forever an Beyond)  Easter family pics. It was a great day for a tea party in the park! We headed to Little Creek Park in Charleston to play and shoot.  I talked to Jacki before the shoot and she said she had to go because J was pressing poop on the top of the TV. I assumed this was an April Fools joke, it was not. Haaaa. Luckily, she cleans up well and Jacki is a beast mode momma! The two little lovelies are baby Jaylea and the beautiful Jaysa! The fellow below, rocking the sweet hat is Billy.



I brought a sweet hat thinking it would look adorable on Jaylea, but she had other plans. She insisted that  her dad wear it! I think it suits him well, could be a new trend!

DSC_0674     DSC_0742DSC_0705

You can see the love!