DIY Glamping Party

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Had an awesome time celebrating my bests birthday in style over the fourth of July weekend  with a DIY Glamping Party! Glamping is a fun theme for all ages, plus I’ll take any excuse to eat  smores!



I am a foodie, so the  key to this party was good eats! We had hotdogs and mac and cheese casserole! But, you can go as fancy as you want with Glamping! A smores bar is also a must for the occasion! To glamp it up a notch and take our smores to the next level we mixed it up with a wide variety of chocolates from Reeces, cookies and cream, and chocolate mint, the possibilities are endless! We also had mushroom cupcakes! These cupcakes were adorable and easy  with a slice of apple on top od a marshmallow!


We had lots of fun glamping activities! A painting station where we painted rocks and log pieces! We also had a dream catcher station! We took three twigs and used twine to form a triangle and weaved the string around in the middle, then attached feathers dipped in glitter to glam it up! We had a nature scavenger hunt. Then we took off on a grand adventure to explore waterfalls and hike!


Everyone also received a glamping kit:

  • Fold out lantern
  • flashlight
  • sparklers
  • fan
  • nail polish