Gritts Farm Pumpkin Patch Session WV/ Tabitha Stover Photography

I have been wanting to do a Pumpkin Patch Photo session for so long! I love fall and  when Sarah asked me to  capture Claire’s quest to find the perfect pumpkin I was so excited! We went to Gritts Fall Fun Farm’s Pumpkin patch and it was the perfect place to hunt for the perfect pumpkin! If you haven’t checked out the fall fun farm you should! They have so many pumpkins and Claire was ready to take them all home! I had a blast trying to keep up with Claire and Sarah.  Claire has the best personality and couldn’t be cuter. I love the joy that goes along with finding the perfect pumpkin! I loved the snuggly moments and so much  mommy and daughter love! I would document families playing on farms everyday if I could! I love capturing these real moments! I also have to take a moment to talk about how Claire’s boots are ridiculously adorable. Thanks  Claire and Sarah for such a fun session!






Wildflower Maternity Photo Session WV

I’ve always dreamed of doing a gorgeous maternity shoot in a field of wildflowers as far as you can see! One small problem, I couldn’t find a huge field of wildflowers, but I did find a small patch by an  intersection. I am so grateful that Rachael and Dustin were so willing to go for my crazy shenanigans!  They were so fun to shoot, both glowing with joy! You can see the love when they look at each other. Racheal was stunning with the perfect baby bump and I’m obsessed with her dress!wildflower maternity wv
wildflower maternity wv

“Your heart beats because of our Love. Our Love beats stronger because of you.”
wildflower maternity wv
wildflower maternity wv
wildflower maternity wv

Night to Shine Scott Depot, WV

I was blessed to attend the Night to Shine Event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation at the Church at the Depot in Scott Depot WV. This event was incredible! I had an amazing time! Guests were given the royal treatment from hair and makeup to  shoe shining upon arrival! Then they got to pick out beautiful corsages and boutonnieres before loading up in the limo and strutting their stuff on the red carpet! This night was AMAZING! My heart is full from so many shining smiles that lit up the night and I am so thankful I got to be a part of it! So many people came together to make this Prom an amazing event and you could feel the message of love!

Reunited Retreat Little WV Workshop Charleston WV

One of my goals going into the New Year is to continue to learn and grow with photography! I want to educated myself on the business side of things and really focus on ways to enhance the overall experiences that my clients have!  To do this I jumped at the incredible opportunity to attend The Reunited Retreat  with the Little WV Workshop hosted by Ashton Kelley Photography.

I had been looking forward to this retreat for so long, but I was starting to think it was not going to happen with storm Jonas scheduled to arrive at the same time. I truly feel blessed by Ashton and the mentors who worked so hard to make this event happen and to have such a supportive family that insured that I could attend.

We live on a homestead so making arrangements to go out of town was proving to be a little more difficult with the storm approaching. We had just lost power and with the cold temps this caused our pipes to freeze. I went out and braved all the milk and bread sandwich eating crazies in search of water and luckily got my hands on some of the last jugs at the Piggly Wiggly. We stalk piled up supplies and continually melted snow on the woodstove to be prepared for the animals. It’s also kidding season and I had estimated that all of the kids would arrive at least two weeks before the retreat. I was wrong. Luckily my sweet mom came to the rescue and volunteered to watch the farm and animals while we were gone. She seriously showed up with a full sterile suit and was ready to become a goat midwife. I am pretty sure she was terrified at the possibility of delivering goat babies, but she played it off like she delivered goat babies all the time and assured me that all would be well and that I had to go to the retreat. She’s the best!

We hit the road early and got infront of the storm. As we arrived at the hotel I was immediately greeted by Ashton with open arms, then I explained to her how I hadn’t showered in a while so she might want to reconsider the hug haaa. Bless her heart for running around like a crazy mamma bear making sure everyone arrived safely.

The retreat kicked off in the evening with a fun Pj party and introductions!  The conference room sparkled as we walked in. The room was lined with delicious sweets and beautiful treats! Not to mention beautiful flowers! I love me some Peonies and stuffing my face on sweets! There were even adorable tepees full of pillow nests to set the scene for the partBlack and Gold Treat Tabley.






Heart cookies2016-02-01_0005.jpgLittle WV WorkshopIt just got better heading into the weekend. Two days with speakers and presentations from ladies who are leading the industry. We got to hear from Andrea Martin, Britni Edwards, Amy Miller, Kelly Broyles, Autumn Branscome, Callie Lindsey, Angie Tracey, Sarah Dunlap, Alicia Wiley, and Ashton Kelley! What an incredible opportunity to attend! I learned so much that I can’t wait to incorporate into my business and life, it was truly inspirational! Thank you so much to all the mentors who took the time to volunteer to help us grow and learn! What is so special about this group is that these ladies are constantly there to lift others up and to answer questions and give support even outside of these events! I am still blown away by this!

The inspiration continued with a Surprise  Snowy Bridal shoot! I had so much fun playing in the snow with my Shutter Sister homies  and getting to shoot these beautiful ladies and beautiful dresses.  This gorgeous shoot was styled by Laura Jill Reynolds with Simply Gorgeous Events and the makeup was done by Natalie Contrera. The beautiful models were Hannah Hicks, Megan O’Dell, and Natalie Contrera.Snowy Bridal Shoot

Snowy Bride with flowers

Winter Bridal Session

Winter Floral Crowns

Did I mention that we were showered in swag! We each received all of these lovely items and a custom camera print unique to the camera we shoot! We even received shutter sister pins! Ashton gave away 4 House of Flynn Bags! Crazy! Shout out to Maureen Flynn for being awesome and donating the bags!

Little WV Workshop

I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to be able to attend an event like this and be a part of this group. I cannot say enough to praise this group and Ashton and all she does for us! This workshop is unlike any other because it is a community! Ashton truly cares about helping people in the industry and it doesn’t end after these events and that is amazing!  I am so thankful for all of her hardwork and everything that she does for us!  I don’t think there is another workshop with a leader with a bigger heart! She really encourages us to chase our dreams and ” Make it Happen”!   It was an awesome weekend spent with awesome company! It is so uplifting to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of creative ladies!  I am lucky to be able to call so many in this industry friends and to have such a wonderful community of support! I feel inspired and ready to take on 2016!  I am excited for what I have in the works, but it also feels great to be excited about what awesomeness each one of the ladies in this community is going to achieve in 2016!  Photo of Photographers
Little WV Workshop

Cake Smash With Best Bud Fayetteville, WV

I wish I could do a cake smash everyday! This may be the sweetest one yet, my sweet baby Willow just turned one! Becoming a mother has been my greatest adventure! I could not have imagined loving someone so much, she is our world! Every day with Willow is a new adventure! I love watching her discover mind blowing new things everyday! I  love capturing sweet little moments that I cherish with her. This amazing year has flown by too fast.  We enjoyed her birthday by spending the day hiking in the woods and sharing a little cake.  This is the main reason I love capturing life’s sweetest moments!


Senior Representative Jeri Landers

I am excited to announce that Jeri Landers is a senior representative for Tabitha Stover Photography for the 2016 graduating class! The main requirement for being a senior rep was having true inner beauty! Jeri was a perfect fit to be a senior rep because of her positive attitude and huge heart!  She volunteers to help get animals adopted at the Fayette Co. Animal Shelter!  Jeri is the daughter of Tina and Jerry Landers and I love that they have raised her to be so well rounded and level headed! It is awesome and rare to find a girl who loves hunting and fishing and rocks at pageants! Speaking of pageants, she is the raining “Veteran’s Reunion Queen”!  She is a true West Virginia girl and loves the outdoors and beauty of our state! When she isn’t hiking around, she enjoys spending time with family and friends! She will graduate from Fayette County High School and wants to study nursing!



DSC_0011  DSC_0188  flower pic flower2 DSC_0317 - Copy

jeri11 - Copy  DSC_0299

“West Virginia Girls… Fire and ice in our blood. We can ride 4-wheelers, be a princess, throw a right hook, pack heat, fish with the boys, bake a cake, love with passion, and if you have an opinion you are going to hear it!

Braelynn’s Fairy Photo Shoot

I am so happy to have awesome support from friends and family in pursuing my photography dreams! I was super pumped when my friend Megan got ahold of me to do Braelynn’s  fairy photo shoot with her adorable daughter ! All to often we overlook the magic that goes on all around us! You can see it in every child’s eyes!  Little ones grow too fast and capturing magical moments like this  is what I love! We took to the park to chase fairies! Not only did Braelynn put up with the heat, but she kept us laughing the whole time! I feel like she is growing too fast, so I am thankful I got to capture these sweet magical moments!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

DSC_0529-2 DSC_0579 fairy orb fairy queen1  queen3 DSC_0538 DSC_0605-2


Belcher Family Photo Session

The perfect morning for a shoot at Wine Cellar Park in Dunbar with the Belcher family! I loved meeting up with an old friend and getting pictures of  her beautiful family!  Its hard to believe not too long ago we were dressing up as spice girls and now we have little ones together. I will avoid posting the spice girl photos. You can tell that Kennedy is there whole world!  I loved chasing little Kennedy around the park, she was a blur, she has running in her blood just like her parents! She loved running across the bridges and pointing out the birds! The only time she slowed down was for  a little peek a boo!


DSC_0006-2 DSC_0026

DSC_0037-5 DSC_0043 DSC_0341 DSC_0346-2


DSC_0393 DSC_0425-2

Reidun’s Enchanted Forest Photoshoot

I feel beyond lucky that I get to do fun shoots like this!  I was so pumped to shoot Cate and Jake’s adorable baby! I have really  lucked out with getting to shoot the cutest babies and Reidun is no exception!  I love that Cate brought these beautiful wings for the shoot! I could not picture anything more perfect for this baby! You can tell that Reidun is a little angel baby who has overcome so much already in her life! She is truly a gift! She is such a sweet baby I would take her home Ha! I also have to take a second to talk about these vintage outfits, the most beautiful vintage dresses I have ever seen! Look at that beautiful red hair!!! I felt like a was shooting a real life doll HAAAA! Reidun’s Enchanted Forest Photoshoot was a blast and I hope to do more like this in the future!


angel baby-2


DSC_0006 DSC_0021DSC_0069DSC_0147DSC_0156

Maxon’s First Year Photos and Cake Smash

I was relieved to get a break from the rain and to get to spend some time with the Beckett family! I had a blast doing Maxon’s First Year Photos and Cake Smash! Max is every photographer’s dream, ADORABLE baby who loves chocolate cake! I knew this shoot was going to be all smiles from the start. Max’s sister Maddie walked up to me and said “You can’t see my underwear in these shorts. BAaaahaaaa. I told her that was always a plus! Me and Max are on the same level when it comes to chocolate cake. Max doesn’t play games. He went hard and dominated that cake! Sadly, I look very similar when I finish a cake, but not so adorable! He was such a joy to shoot! The whole family was involved and that made it even more fun! Annie had the cutest outfits and props for Max! I loved that the chair had been passed down for generations and the bibs with the tool belt were hand made! Chris created a sweet chalkboard scene with Max’s name on it, too bad Max was more interested in a mud puddle close by. I learned quickly that Max is a champion turbo speed crawler! I had no idea babies could scoot so fast! Maddie was such a good big sis helping out, she kept blowing Max bubbles the whole time.   I love a good cake smash! Thanks for allowing me to capture these sweet memories!


Max's first year photos

  DSC_0028  DSC_0368 DSC_0258 DSC_0194